Diamond Carat

Diamond Carat

The weight of the diamond is expressed in carat. By this measure you also get an understanding of the measurements of the diamond and the price goes up together with the carat.

The Actual Weight of the Diamond1 carat equals 0.2 grams but diamonds are not presented in grams. If you see a diamond with the weight 0.7 carat you should not confuse it with grams and certainly not think that this is an insignificant diamond! Diamonds smaller than 1 carat, are often used in earrings and rings and sometimes they can sparkle and catch the heart of your loved one just as much as a 2 carat diamond!

Understanding Diamond WeightAs you might have understood the diamond weight will not alone determine the quality and price of the diamond. There are so many factors that play in and therefore you should consider how important it is that the diamond is big. Many find it much more attractive with a smaller stone which comes with excellent brilliance.

If the diamond is small it is common to measure it in points. Each diamond has 100 points which equals 1 carat. When you see the diamond weight 0.25 points it is actually the same as 0.25 carat meaning that it is 25 points out of 100.

Diamond Weight and Size of DiamondWhile the diamond weight is a good indication of the size of the diamond it won’t tell you everything. Diamonds have different shapes and you will want to look into other measures like cut before you make an assessment of the actual size. You should also consider that diamonds can have different weight but still look to be the same size from the top. In this case you would be wiser to go with a diamond of lower weight which presents a better brilliance but it also depends on which type of jewelry you plan to use it in.

When you consider what diamond weight to go for you should also think about the setting of the ring. If you want a single diamond you might want to go for a bigger one to make a more effective impression but when you are including more diamonds in a band you could consider getting smaller ones of higher quality and brilliance for a greater impact.

A Big Diamond Looks GreatThere is no way to get around the fact that a big diamond can have an astonishing effect. The bigger the diamond is the greater light and happiness it will create. It is important to understand that the value of diamonds does not increase in a linear fashion. For example, a single 1 carat diamond will cost much more than two 0.5 carat diamonds with the same color, clarity and cut grades.