Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity

Real diamonds are not produced in a laboratory and it is no wonder that they include little flaws. These flaws are referred to, in “diamond language,” as inclusions and blemishes. The blemishes are located on the outside of the diamond and the inclusions are on the inside. The diamond clarity grade expresses the nature of these inclusions and blemishes. You can easily understand the grading and scale for this but don’t always expect to be able to see these flaws with the naked eye. The higher the grade of diamond clarity, the more expensive and beautiful the diamond will be.

The Grades for Diamond Clarity Following are the grades for measure of diamond clarity :

F F stands for flawless and this means that there are no inclusions and blemishes what so ever. The clarity is simply perfect which is extremely rare. A diamond with this clarity grade will be very expensive and unique.

IF IF stands for internally flawless which means that this diamond is without inclusions. Even though it still has some tiny external flaws it is a very rare diamond and as such it will be exclusive.

VVS1-VVS2 VVS means Very, Very, Slightly, Included. This diamond clarity comes with some very small inclusions that are even hard to see through magnification by an expert gemologist. This is considered a very high level of clarity.

VS1-VS2 VS stands for Very Slightly Included. The small inclusions can be seen with a magnifier and in some cases they can be grey or even black. However, they will not be seen by the naked eye and this grade is considered to be medium to high clarity.

SI1-SI2 SI means Slightly Included and the flaws in these types of stones can be seen through a magnifier. In some cases inclusions of an SI2 diamond can be seen even by the naked eye. SI clarity is seen as low to medium clarity level.

I1-I2-I3 I stands for Included and the flaws in these diamonds will be easily detectable with the human eye. The advantage to purchasing this type of diamond is that it is drastically cheaper than a diamond with a higher clarity grade. Yet the stone can look pretty when it is set in a ring.

Seeing the Diamond Clarity As you could see in the descriptions above, it can be hard to spot flaws even with a magnifier. This means that in many cases these grades will influence the price of the diamond more than the actual appearance. A very important thing to note here is that it often happens that two stones with the same certificate and clarity grade still look different. Therefore it is important to work with a trusted dealer who can give you an honest opinion about how good the actual grade of the clarity is.

When you want to get the perfect diamond you can feel calm that it will look amazing also with the clarity of VS1-VS2. The flaws in these diamonds will only be visible to the one carrying a loupe to check and unless your loved one is a gemologist you can safely look into this category of diamonds to surprise her with!