Diamond Color

Diamond Color

How much should one focus on the color of the diamond? You have probably noticed that the color influences the price of the diamond so you should definitely be aware of the importance of color before you buy. First of all you will need to learn about the grading of diamond colors. It is also good to understand how the color of the ring or the setting will influence how you perceive the color. Read on!

Grading of Diamond Colors The color range which is used by the internationally recognized laboratories, to grade the color of the diamond, goes from D to P. D means that the diamond is colorless and the closer you get to P the more yellow it becomes. When it comes to colors in diamonds there are two main groups, the white diamonds and the fancy colored diamonds. The fancy colored diamonds can have many different colors including yellow.

The term white diamond mainly refers to the colors D to K. From D to F the diamond is almost colorless but also from G to H it is near colorless and from I to K it is becomes slightly yellowish but is still considered a white diamond. The price of a diamond labeled D is much more expensive than one labeled J. Interesting enough, once the white diamond passes P and moves closer to Z it transforms into a fancy colored diamond, a fancy yellow, and the price goes up again.

Can You See the Color? Some diamond dealers like to state that you can see the difference between a diamond with D color and one with J color. It is true that the color will influence the look of the diamond but to say that you will be able to see the difference might be a bit exaggerated. For people handling diamonds all day long it is a different story. They can place two gems next to each other and compare. If you will take a diamond of color D-E and place it next to a color H-I you will also see the difference but for you it is more important to focus on the individual diamond and the impression it gives. You can rest assure that even J colored diamonds can be smashing when placed in a classy ring or elegantly designed piece of jewelry!

Color and Light The way you perceive the diamond color will be influenced by the shape of the diamond. Depending on how much light is captured in the diamond you will come to notice the color more or less. In rounds this is less important than for emerald, princess and oval cuts. This is good to know and you can care a little bit less about the color when you are buying a round cut than when you want to go for emerald or princess.

The Influence of the Jewelry on the Color If you want to set your diamond in a ring made of yellow gold you should realize that this will influence the amount of yellow that your eye will perceive in the diamond. If the colorless feature of the diamond is important to you, you should focus on the higher grades of color. Perhaps more important, you should make sure that it is set in a way which compliments the diamond.

By setting the diamond right according to its color you will ensure that the final result will have a colorless and sparkling radiance which will gladden the heart of your loved one as well as anyone taking a glance at the gem!