natural pearl

Natural Pearls

A Natural Pearl A natural pearl develops in an oyster which is subjected to some kind of foreign substance. It can be that a small speck of sand finds its way into the oyster. To deal with the irritation the oyster will surround the object with layers of calcium in a crystal form. This process is time consuming but the end result is a pearl which is ready to use for jewelry or other decoration. To find natural pearls in the sea, rivers and lakes, divers have to fish up the oysters. One single oyster diver might only find a few pearls during many years so it is a job which depends a lot on luck and the patience to go on searching.

Colors in Natural PearlsThe colors of natural pearls can vary and it also depends on if they come from sweet water oysters or from the sea. The sweet water pearls tend to be a bit whiter than the sea water pearls but both types of natural pearl can come in other colors like black and yellow. Many pink pearls have been found in the Mississippi river and there are amazing stories from this area of how the pearls where stacked away like nothing before people started to realize their value.

Is it a Natural Pearl?The artificial pearls of today are produced much like the natural pearls and therefore it can be very difficult to see the difference between the two. GIA has trained experts that can test and check a pearl to see if it is natural. People who deal with pearls a lot also learn to recognize the special features of natural pearls. To begin with, a natural pearl is seldom completely round and of one color tone. Put several natural pearls together and you should be able to see a difference in tone and texture, however slight.

You can find natural pearls in jewelry for sale online but they are very rare. A natural pearl is valuable not only because of its special beauty. With this kind of pearl you will have a piece of jewelry which is completely unique and you will cherish it and pass it on as an heirloom for future generations to marvel at its natural charm and beauty.