choose your perfect diamond

How to Choose the Best Diamond

Choosing a diamond for yourself or a special friend is not simple but it should be enjoyable. If you know how to choose the best diamond for you the process will become a pleasant and joyful one. Read this guide for choosing a diamond and go by it when you are looking for the gem of your dreams.

Budget Everyone have their own unique budget for purchase of diamond and jewelry and this should never be a stopper in the wheels for getting something that will be just right. The best diamond is not necessarily about the highest grade. Remember that diamonds are so unique and that means that even less expensive stones radiate and sparkle like no other gems. Learn more about the different categories of diamonds. Setting You must also consider how the diamond will be set. If you are buying it as an investment this question falls to the side but when used for setting in jewelry it becomes relevant to think about this. When you do this you should also consider the look of your loved one’s hands to make sure that the ring will have a beautifying effect.

Color and Shape Most brides to be are excited to get a round brilliant and have it sparkle their smiles up all day long. Learn more about the different fancy diamond shapes and consider leaving the traditional round style for something more adventurous!

Buying from us Selecting the right diamond is a way to reach the love and harmony you are looking for.. Diamonds are about love and affection and not just about grades and carats. We at Gemsatelier understand this and will give every client personal service and help in finding the best diamond and setting.