About Us

My Grandfather Mr.Kidarnath Sood opened his first store in 1918, introducing exceptional collection of diamonds, jewelry sets, as well as outstanding range of rings, bangles, bracelets, earrings and gemstones. With over 75 years of family experience in fine Indian jewelry we expanded the diamond business to Hong Kong in 2008 and now Singapore.

"For years we have been known for our superior quality handmade jewellery and the finest attention to detail - in everything from design to our customer service." 

We specialize in fine natural diamonds, our diamonds are sourced from the worlds major mines and markets including Antwerp, Surat, Tel Aviv and New York. We represent the best diamond labs in the world and all our diamonds are carefully selected and graded by GIA.

There is a wide selection of designs that you can choose from, it that is not something that appeals to you, then you can design your own engagement ring or our team of expert designers can assist you in making your bespoke design come to life.