White Gold

White gold is especially appreciated for how well they match other jewelry. Many like to wear metals of lighter shades than the traditional golden hue and white gold is a great match to this type of jewelry. White gold can be used as wedding rings for couples who prefer gold but want it to look more like silver or platinum. It is also ideal for special settings of gems and unique designs since the mixture of metals gives the hardness which is conductive for designs and inclusions.

White Gold and Karats : In white gold you will see a mixture of gold and other metals like palladium, silver and nickel. Depending on the purity of the metal which is mixed in to create the white color of the gold the karat will be higher or lower. When the gold was mixed with silver the karat will be higher than if nickel was used to create the silver look.

Nickel or Palladium : It is known for more than a 100 years that nickel works well to bleach gold into getting a look which is similar to that of platinum. Nickel is a cost effective metal and as such it is quite economic to use this in creating white gold. However, there are issues with nickel such as the allergy reactions that some people suffer from it. For this reason many jewelers prefer to work with white gold that are based on a mixture of gold and palladium. Palladium is more expensive but the result is very good and well worth the higher price.

Caring for a White Gold Ring : It is very common to coat a white gold ring with rhodium to keep it from wear and tear better. Rhodium coating doesn’t stay forever and you might need to re-coat the ring if you handle it carelessly.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has seen days of great popularity and days of less interest. If you feel that yellow gold is the look and style which sits right in your heart you should go for it and enjoy all of the benefits of this precious metal. However, it is good to consider how to match a yellow gold ring and also how to care for it properly.

Pure Gold : Yellow gold shares the same purity of gold that signifies white gold rings. A yellow gold ring is simply the result of a mix between pure gold and alloys of copper and zinc. One of the great advantages to the yellow gold is that their color only gets better with age. You won’t have to re-plate them to keep the original color which saves both money and time.

Matching your Yellow Gold : Yellow gold does look especially good on people with warm skin tones. A warmer skin color brings out the elegant and luxurious look of a yellow gold. Even if your skin would match well with yellow gold it is not for sure that the rest of your jewelry will. This is something you need to consider when looking into yellow gold jewelry. They can be matched with other gold jewelry but they won’t look as smashing together with white gold or silver colored jewelry.

Care for your Yellow Gold : It is true that yellow gold demand less maintenance but as with all precious metals and fine jewelry you need to treat it right to keep the pretty look. Don’t wear your yellow gold ring when washing up or getting your hands dirty. With proper care your yellow gold ring can be an adornment to treasure now and in the future.